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Free Educational Apps for Students

Several years ago the opportunity to use mobile phones for educational purposes has sounded crazy, while nowadays it is one of the most efficient and simple ways to stay productive, efficient, and connected. Why should you browse the web searching for the answer to the question, “Where can I do my homework at an affordable cost?”, as you can take advantage of free applications that will help you deal with college assignments?
Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are not considered the sources of distractions anymore, but they are successfully used by both teachers and students to enhance productivity. Mobile apps provide students with an excellent chance to stay connected with other people, exchange valuable information, share educational materials, and work on projects without leaving home. Additionally, you can use modern applications to develop new skills and deepen existing knowledge. Teachers frequently take advantage of the applications to organize interesting classroom activities and create a study-inducing atmosphere. Check out the top 10 most beneficial and widely-used free apps you can use during your college years and not only.

Google Classroom

The educational process will not be simpler, as the app provides students with an opportunity to complete, submit, and deliver college assignments online. Teachers will also get a chance to review and grade the works.


An unlimited number of video tutorials, study materials, and tasks are offered for students who have always wanted to get valuable experience studying at one of the world-known universities. edX is the exact app you need, as it comprises over a thousand courses in the most different fields, including business studies, linguistics, engineering, computer science, and others.


Video conferencing is an indispensable part of the educational process. No matter if you want to share the experience with fellow students, or ask the teacher a question, Zoom will make such interaction much simpler and more convenient.

Khan Academy

Curious students, who want to get more knowledge and experience in a certain field, can use the ultimate functionality of the Khan Academy. With the help of video tutorials, you will have a chance to get ready for LSAT, SAT, and other standardized tests.


If you strive to combine learning and entertainment, Kahoot! is the exact app you have been looking for. Interactive quizzes can improve the learning process and make it not only useful but fun.


If you have always had a burning desire to be a polyglot, DuoLingo is your first step to success. The app provides users with a chance to learn and practice over 30 languages, using interactive stories, fun competitions, and discussions.


An exceptionally helpful app may be used by both teachers and students. It helps you make notes, take photos, create checklists, and accomplish a range of other tasks that will help you stay more productive.


This is undeniably one of the most appreciated applications among the students, as it aids the educational process and learning. Work with qualified instructors, ask questions, discuss topics, and enjoy interactive learning.


Are you tired of the daunting and exhausting college assignments? Piazza is the top application that will help you get the assistance of fellow students and experienced teachers. Turn your homework into a social and involving experience with a free and accessible app.

Smart Vocabulary

The main purpose of the application is to help you increase vocabulary and prepare you for college entrance exams. However, Smart Vocabulary may be used by other people, who want to test their language proficiency and get valuable experience.