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Monday, January 08, 2007

Cannot accept or decline outlook task

If you use outlook tasks and find yourself no longer able to accept or decline tasks assigned to you by others you will want to read this. There is a Microsoft office update that actually breaks the ability for you to accept or decline tasks. From my search over the internet, the only solutions listed is to uninstall the office update named KB892843. However, upon multiple computers that I have encountered that had this problem, there was no office update named KB892843. Through a long process of trial and error, I have discovered that the actual office update that is breaking the task function is named KB913807. And it's a little tricking at uninstalling. For some reason, you will have to uninstall the same update twice. The first time will seem like it uninstalled, but after a reboot, it'll come back. After the second uninstall, then will it be really uninstalled.

Once that update is removed, outlook will be able to accept and decline tasks once again. However, any tasks still in your inbox will remain broken due to how that update worked. You'll simply need the sender to resend the task again.