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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Microsoft Instructions on how to Disable WGA Notifications!

Wow, this from Microsoft?

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

How to Hack a $10 Digital Disposible Camera

Turn a "disposable" 10 dollar digital camera from RitzCamera, CVS, or Walgreens into one you can use over and over, just like a normal digital camera.

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10 Ways to Relaxify Your Workspace

According to the article, "relaxifying" your work space is crucial to productivity. There's actually quite a bit that you can do to make your workspace a soothing, happy place instead of just the building you go to every day to kill eight or nine hours.

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WinFS is Dead

The official word from the dev team is that WinFS will no longer be developed as a relational filesystem, and all future betas are cancelled.

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Free web browser Browsezilla is a click fraud engine.

The company claims their web browser is a tool for privacy protection, but according to Panda Software it's got some hidden adware. ''It's being used deceptively to get more hits on their site,'' Schoch says. ''This adware opens a series of adult web pages, although they are not visible to the user.''

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Man Robbed by Teen Girls, Thought He was Meeting MySpace Friend

"[One of the girls] took [a] gun out and put it to my head and told me to empty my pockets."

The girls didn't get much because the victim had forgotten his wallet. They let him go, unharmed, and he called police.

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How To: Hide MP3s Inside GIF Images

This page describes how to use GIF's "application extension block" to create a file that displays an image if you load it in a browser, but plays music if you load it in Winamp. Includes a demo and a server-side script that will create combo files from your uploaded GIFs and MP3s.

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How to Setup Your ubuntu Computer to be a Router

If you have two network cards in your ubuntu computer, it can be a very powerfull router with NAT, port forwarding, and even QoS so your downloads dont interfere with gaming! This howto will cover setting up Webmin which will be used to configure masquerading, DHCP, DNS servers, and port forwarding. Includes pictures for most steps!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to Install, Boot and Run Linux on a USB Flash Pen Drive!

Covering how to Install, Boot and Run Live Linux on a USB Flash Pen Drive. By installing Live Linux on a Memory Stick, you can now bring your operating system, favorites, e-mail, applications, personal settings and files with you to run on any computer that can boot from a USB Flash device. It's like having a mini personal computer in your pocket!

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How to redirect a web page, the smart way

The all-in-one guide to redirecting web pages safely.

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Sick of the RIAA and MPAA

I'm sick of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Lately they have both been hyperactive and wanting to sue everyone.

Pirate Bay made sense. Attempting to bring down the biggest source of pirated media and software would be expected of the associations.

But then, soon after, they threatened ISOHunt (a personal favorite) before deeming them too small and unknown.

But now the RIAA sent a 'cease and desist' notice to youtube for the videos where people are dancing to licensed music. What the heck!? That just doesn't make sense. It's just some kids trying to have fun or make a little video to music! They are not making money off of it; the recording isn't losing any money to the videos. If anything, they are promoting the music and helping the industry!

I know they are just trying keep their profits and not lose money, but its getting ridiculous. They need to stop with the lawsuits and relax for a bit. Actions like these are what make me want to download media more; just to spite them.


Moving on...

There is a cycle of pirated music/movies. Every time a method of downloading media gets big and popular enough for the industry to notice, it will get attacked and eventually something greater will replace it. There was Napster, Kazaa, irc, Audiogalaxy, and many more. When one became big, the next replaced it. Bit Torrent has been out a while and I think its about time. It has already gotten a lot of attention and I can slowly see its downfall. The main problem that torrents have is that websites must host links to the .torrent files. This makes the servers hosting the sites liable. I predict something soon (no idea what) will come out to over throw the king. It's natural and it's no one can stop it.

Day of Action Against RIAA

On June 23rd DefectiveByDesign.org will provide the contact numbers for the RIAA and similar organizations around the world.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mosquito Ringtone - Test the Frequencies You Can Hear

Okay, you probably heard about the Mosquito, there has been a lot of hype and coverage about it. We posted a while back about it when it first came out but if you didn't read our post, its a device that outputs a high frequency that only young people can hear. Well, some kids in the UK turned the frequency into a ringtone so they can hear their phone ring or receive texts without their teacher knowing.

Anyway, the ring tone plays at about 17,000 Hz. Test to see what your limit is. i can hear up to 18 kHz.

Mad props to Ochen k. [http://www.ochenk.com/entry.php?id=63] for these sounds.
10,000 Hz

13,000 Hz

18,000 Hz
19,000 Hz
20,000 Hz
21,000 Hz
22,000 Hz
23,000 Hz
24,000 Hz
25,000 Hz

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Latest Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.532.0 Cracked

"The Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool enables you to verify that your copy of Microsoft Windows is genuine." I'm pretty sure you would know if your copy of windows is genuine or if you got off of a pirate ship then cracked it...

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How to delete an undeletable file.

Here is a tip to get rid of these undeletable files.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hack Attack: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router

Of all the great DIY projects at this year�s Maker Faire, the one project that really caught my eye involved converting a regular old $60 router into a powerful, highly configurable $600 router....

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