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Friday, December 15, 2006

Elite Development Group Announces New Digital Forensic Services

The company now specializes in the handling and safeguarding of digital evidence through the use of licensed private investigation techniques

ALISO VIEJO, CA – December 14, 2006 – Elite Development Group, a provider of progressive IT and digital security solutions, announced today that the company has received a private investigation license from the state of California. This gives Elite Development Group additional credence in conducting investigations and participating as an expert witness in civil and criminal litigation. The company joins a select group of firms in Orange County that specialize in digital forensics and IT security solutions.

Digital forensics can assist a business owner in obtaining evidence to utilize in the prosecution of individuals who have illegally obtained information or compromised their infrastructure. By hiring a licensed private investigative firm, companies and individuals can be assured those who are conducting their investigation are well versed in the protocol of obtaining and preserving evidence.

"Through our progressive digital security solutions we have been able to assist business owners in recovering evidence that could have easily gone uncovered,� said Nicole Friel, President and CEO of Elite Development Group. �We are can provide digital security services to small-to-medium size businesses that in the past were only accessible to large corporations."

Security breaches cost companies significant amounts of time and money. Digital forensic investigation can assist businesses with identifying and preventing employee theft or outside criminal theft. According to the Computer Security Institute�s 2005 "Computer Security Institute/Federal Bureau of Investigation Computer Crime and Security Survey," the average financial losses due to unlawful access of digital data increased from $51,545 in 2003 to $303,234 in 2004. With the advent of new technology, being prepared to face serious threats relating to computer security is vital for the continued success of businesses over time.

Elite Development Group�s team of security advisors proactively respond to network threats in order to protect the corporate enterprise. Through the development of administration policies and best security practices, Elite Development Group provides the essential tools to block aggressive electronic criminals from manipulating, stealing, or destroying data on a company�s network. Their Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) service can detect, notify, and take corrective action against unauthorized network access or misuse.

About Elite Development Group

Elite Development Group is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and supplies specialized network integration and security initiatives for small to mid-size companies across the United States and the United Kingdom. Their certified technical engineers provide the latest network safety measures and proactively respond to anticipated network threats.

Elite Development Group designs, manufactures and supplies innovative custom configured mid- to high-end servers, workstations, and storage solutions integrated with state-of-the-art network security software and hardware from the foremost companies including SonicWall, Symantec, Barracuda Networks, eEye Digital Security, Kerio Technologies Inc. and Hewlett-Packard.


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